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Phigenics Analytical Services Laboratory

Phigenics Analytical Services Laboratory

Independent comprehensive water system testing, including microbiological, water chemistry and SDWA
compliance testing



Microbiological Tests

Phigenics Validation Tests

*From the day the sample is taken in the field.
**The practical limit of quantification according to results published by the CDC is about 10 CFU/ml.

Water Chemistry Tests

  • Cooling Tower Panels

      • Cooling Tower Water Analysis
      • Cooling Tower Makeup Water Analysis
  • Boiler Panels

      • Boiler Water Analysis
      • Boiler Makeup Water Analysis
      • Boiler Makeup Water Analysis – Softened
      • Boiler Feed Water Analysis
      • Condensate Water Analysis
  • Closed Loop Panels

      • Closed Loop Water Analysis – Hot
      • Closed Loop Water Analysis – Cold
  • Other

      • AAMI / Hemodialysis Water Profiles
      • Domestic Water Analysis
      • Individual Water Chemistry Tests

Safe Drinking Water Act Compliance Tests

  • SDWA

    Total Coliforms

      • Total Coliforms
      • E. coli
  • SDWA

    Water Chemistry

      • Copper
      • Lead
      • Nitrate
      • Nitrite
  • SDWA

    Disinfection By Products

      • Trihalomethanes (THM)
      • Haloacetic Acids (HAA5)
  • SDWA

    Other Tests

      • Inorganic Chemicals
      • SOC with Glyphosate
      • SOC without Glyphosate
      • Volatile Organic Chemicals
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